Welcome to The Life That Works

So what is the life that works? how do we know it works? how do we know when it isn't working?

One way to look at any topic is to start with its anyonym. While not comprehensive, it at least provides a starting point.

So then the life that doesn't work is the life filled with dysfunctions. Dysfunctions are those things which do not function properly.

How do we know they don't function properly (if they are not doing that, we must have some inklink of what proper function is).

As a Christian we have an answer for this, which is that God created us for a specific purpose, and fullfilling that purpose is proper function, free of dysfunction, the "life that works".

That however is, for most of us, an abstract concept, and while we may subscribe to it, that doesn't mean we understand it.

We have been provided with a reference manual, the study of which leads to a fuller understanding of these concepts (and to helps us continue on the path to the life that works). I am of course referring to the Bible.

For those of us who are christians, the Holy Spirit dwells within us to lead us into all truth. Starting from there, the intentional and active(application to life) study of the Bible leads us in the way we should go. This goal of the "life that works" (God's plan actively applied to life) is something I like to refer to as Dauntless Stewardship.

Dauntless: because we know going in that the journey is not going to be comfortable, but we commit up front to never look back.

Stewardship: because we are entrusted with our lives by the living God, and will be called on to give account for what we did with them.

Dauntless Stewardship